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Untitled columns in files from Embedded Data Logger



In a VeriStand project running on a PXIe8108 I use the Embedded Data Logger to log data to three separate files (different decimation). The column names should be equal to the channel names, at least they are set up like this in the "Channel Group Settings".


Though, in many cases "Untitled[i]" appears as column head in the log files. Is this a known issue? A search on the topic was without results.


It seems, redeploying the System Definition File can help. But it's unconvinient for the users to check if the data logger is working properly before they can start running their experiments.


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What version of VeriStand are you using? There is a known issue that caused this that was fixed in VeriStand 2013.


If you are using an older version, one workaround is to always set the Log Trigger channel to 0 to disable logging before you set the Log Command channel to 2 to close the current file. Then make sure to set the Log Command to 1 to open the next file instance before you set the Log Trigger channel back to 1 to enable logging.


The issue was that if you try to log data into a closed file, this could cause the group and channel information to be lost. This issue is fixed in VeriStand 2013.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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Thank you for your reply.


We are using VeriStand 2012. We are entitled to upgrade to 2013 but I would like to postpone the update (it would have to include LabVIEW/RT/FPGA) until the ongoing experiments are finished.

Good to know about the workaround. I will inform the users about it. It seems they just closed the log files which would explain why I got files with correct column headers.


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