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Unable to compile dll when using reference models and parameters


I have a simple model that uses a reference model and a Simulink Parameter that is intended to be tunable.  The code generated from this looks obviously incorrect and generates build errors during compilation.  If I do not include the Simulink Parameter I get proper code and can compile but that does not meet the needs of my application.

I attached the example models and the a log file that shows the errors.

Here are some lines of code in the ni_pglobals.h that seem obviously incorrect which are being flagged as errors:


#define top_level_P.const_1 NI_PARAM_BUFF.top_level_P.const_1
#undef top_level_P.const_1

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I installed the latest toolchain and see different results but it still fails to compile.  I included zip files using 2019 and 2021.

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