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UI Editor(Screen) control disable function

Hello Veristand users.


I'm really appreciated if you help me out regarding Veristand UI screen functions.


I'm using Veristand for Dynamo meter bench test control and I want to disable control or indicator in some situation.


For example, when dynamometer is running, I do not want to change parameter, so I would like to disable some of Controls on Veristand UI Screen.


I could not find any functions for enable/disable each control components.

Do you have any idea for controlling Veristand UI screen?


Also, are there any way to control "Tab Control" programatically on Veristand UI screen?

Because changing "Tab Control" programatically could be workaround solution.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Best regard

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To my knowledge, the shipping controls do not have the disabling feature. You might need to modify your own control. You can refer to veristand-editor-plugin-examples and How to Enable/Disable button in wpf

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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Hello ZYOng


thanks very much for your comments.

I'll try to look at veristand-editor-plugin for UI customization.


thanks regard

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