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The Inertia plug-in for Veristand (2016)

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Is there any documentation on the Inertia software that runs on VeriStand? I am attempting to create an Inertia calculation that will determine if the inertia controller is being activated by monitoring "Mode Status". Unfortunately, I don't know what values "Mode Status" kicks out. For example, 0 for inactive and 1 for active. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Which Inertia software you are using specifically?

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It's Inertia 2016. I don't know if there are different plug-ins, but this software gives us the ability to run PID on selected outputs and allows for the creation of scripts for automating processes as well. The picture shows what I am referring to.Inertia.jpg

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INERTIA Add-On for VeriStand  is developed and maintained by Genuen. I would recommend reaching out to them directly.

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Just in case anyone comes across this and is interested...


Below is what the numbers mean in terms of status.


0 = PID Mode Disabled

1 = PID Mode Active and Running Test Profile

2 = PID Mode Active in Manual Control


They still haven't told me where they found this info; it wasn't in the help file from what I could tell.

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