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Target Reboot when 2 vis have the same name but not the same code

Hi all


I developped severeal VCD. For some reason, i shared some "Common" Vis between the different VCD e.g. LOG, Time   fonctions... When i build the VCDs, those vis are included in the Configuration.llb or in the Engine.llb. The probleme is when i make a modification in one of these vi and i don't recompile all VCD.


In this case, there are 2 different vis with the same name loaded on the target but they are not identical... And then... guess what happen, the target reboot with a Software Error. This sound quite normal, but why is it not possible to log a message somewhere (before the crash?) with the name of the vi that lead the system to reboot ????


Each time that happen, i spend hours to find which vis has change... Maybe the easiest way is to recompile all VCD... but when you have something like 10 or 20 VCDs it becomes really painful ! 


What is the best practise ?



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A workaround method could be to prefix Dependencies you include in your Engine LLB. With a specific prefix for each Custom Device, you can avoid duplicated names in memory when loaded by the VeriStand Engine (Build Specification » Source File Settings, Dependencies, Apply prefix to all contained items).

Hope this helps...

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I fear it's dificult using different names for common VI's. The problem is because the same modified code was not recompiled in all deployed custom devices using it. I think kaboom is a little bit upset because it's target reboots without any clue explaining the problem.


Best regards.

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Acually you can add the prefix during the building the llb in the build specification, so you don't maintain multiple versions on the drive...

It is on the Source Files Settings tab.




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