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Streaming high-speed data

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Using Veristand 2021R2 on real-time PXI.


I'm planning to build a CD that receive data from a specific data bus at 20 KHz. My PCL is running at 1KHz and I want to update my channels (no problem) but I also would like to stream the 20KHz samples up to the Gateway enabling Veristand to log that data and display it on the graph component of the screens (no workpace MMI). I wonder how to archieve this second part.


Thx for your replies, HAGD

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Accepted by topic author thumble

You would need to use waveform streaming. See waveform-host-streaming-example for a good example.

To my knowledge, the VeriStand Editor screen does not support binding with waveform, unfortunately. The workarounds are:

  1. Use Workspace.
  2. Use Waveform-Processing-Custom-Device and convert the waveform to channel.
  3. Create your own waveform custom control. See VeriStand Editor Plugin Examples. This requires strong knowledge on C#.
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Thx for your answer. I thought it was possible to display waveform channels in the standart plot component.

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Hi thumble,

I apologize for giving the wrong information. I was under the impression that the chart on the editor screen does not support the waveform channel. I just found out that in fact it is supported.

You can refer to NIVeriStandAdd-Ons/Waveforms-Generation-Custom-Device to understand how you can create and write data to waveform channels.

You might need to increase the streaming rate for some high-frequency waveforms to display properly. Chart on NI VeriStand UI Manager Displays Fixed Data Points Irrespective of Model Rate

Here is the result I got on VeriStand 2020 R6.



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