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Stimulus profile stops logging immediately (Custom Steps)

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Greeting again all! I'm using 2012 versions of everything here (VS, TS, LV, and DIAdem), and I'm also using VS Custom Steps for TS. I have a main TS sequence that does all of the configuration and setup tasks via subsequences and VS Custom steps. The only thing I'm using the Stimulus Profile for is logging at the moment, and for some reason the resulting TDMS file only holds six data points (logging at 100Hz). It looks like it starts and stops immediately, and I can't figure out why. 


The only steps I have in the stimulus profile are Start Logging and Channel Group steps. There's no Stop Log step, so the logging shouldn't stop until the TS sequence undeplous the project, as far as I understand it. Triggered Logging Trigger Condition is set to none, and File Segmenting is set to Do Not Segment.


Can anyone shed any light on what's happening here? 

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The Stimulus Profile logging steps are designed to automatically stop logging at the end of the stimulus profile execution, even if no Stop Logging step is included. This was done intentionally, because otherwise it would be difficult to ever stop this logging configuration. I am guessing if you are calling the Stimulus Profile from TestStand only to start logging, then this is what is happening to you.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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OK, I'm not 100% clear on what you're saying here. Yes, I am only calling the stimulus profile from TS to start the logging. I am assuming that the logging will stop when the stimulus profile execution stops, and it seems like it's stopping immediately. How do I verify that this is the case and how do I keep it from stopping until my test sequence is complete?

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As I understand it, your Stimulus Profile will stop pretty much immediately, because all it does is call one step to start the logging. After that, the profile is done. Is that correct?

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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Oh, now I get what you're saying. Yes, that's exactly the case. How can I hold the profile open (without hanging the TS step that calls it) until the TS sequence is complete?

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The best option would be to control data logging directly from the TestStand sequence, but I'm not very familiar with what steps are available. Newer versions of the steps seem to have some DataLogging palette available (just based on screenshots posted online), but they might not support VeriStand 2012.


You could do this by calling a LabVIEW VI from TestStand that would set up the data logging session, and then calling another at the end of the TestStand sequence to stop it. We have example VIs that ship with Veristand to show you how to start and stop logging.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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I tried a potential solution and it seems to have worked well. Since I have to stick with the 2012 version of the VS Custom Steps for now, I don't have the option to control logging from the TS sequence. So, I changed the stimulus profile to call a Real-Time sequence that contains a five-minute wait, and that's all.


I'm now logging almost 5,000 data points, the TS sequence step doesn't hang, and everything appears to close correctly.


Thanks for the help!

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