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SCB-68 Terminal Block Quick Reference Label doesn't match PXI-7831R pinout diagram

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I want to connect 3 analog inputs to the NI PXI-7831R Reconfigurable I/O Module, using the SCB-68 M series terminal block.  I've noticed a discrepancy between the analog inputs, shown on the SCB-68 terminal block Quick Reference Label, and the analog inputs shown in the NI PXI-7831R connector 0 pinout diagram.  For example, the NI PXI-7831R connector 0 pinout diagram shows AI3- and AIGND3 on pins 29 and 30, respectively.  The SCB-68 Quick Reference Label shows AI GND and AI 3 on pins 29 and 30, respectively.  There are at least six other cases where there is a mismatch between the Quick Reference Label and the pinout diagram.  Has anyone else seen this?

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Which SCB-68 Quick Reference Label are you looking at? The M Series would be for the M series DAQ cards where as the PXI-7831R is in the R-series. You can see the difference here in this KB which has both the M Series connector and the 7831R M Connector.


Hope this clears things up!


Regards from Austin,

Ben J.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Thanks, Ben - I was looking at the wrong Quick Reference Label

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1. Iam not able to get any digital signal ouputs for an open loop VI on the SCB 68 connector box. Iam wrkng with labview based FPGA NI 7831R with the R series . what can be the problem.

2. can we use M series instead of R seires fro 7831R


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Hi gudey,


This is a fairly old thread that isn't really relevant to your question, so I would recommend creating a new discussion that will be more relevant to your specific issue.


If you do, please supply us with the following:

1. Hardware configuration (how are you looking at the digital output?, which cable are you using for connecting to the SCB-68?, etc.)

2. Are you running a LabVIEW example? If so, which example, and which LabVIEW version?

3. What are you trying to accomplish? R Series and M Series devices will not be able to use the same code, but you could use either of them for multiple applications.


Again, please create a new discussion (feel free to refer to this one) for easier tracking. Hope this helps! 

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