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Run project in veristand with carsim under Linux Operating System

I am having some issues when run project in veristand  with the share library from carsim.When the initial state of the model added to Veristand is set to pause, the file can be successfully deployed into the real-time simulator. But when I run the model, I get an error 307650 occurred at veristand engine.lvlib.

The version of veristand is 2020R6,Carsim is 2019,LINUX

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Hi yinyutian,


I'm seeing this error too when trying to deploy a model, but only on one system, all other systems are fine.  I'm using a different model, but am seeing the same effect (can deploy with the model paused, but when running i get error -307650 model execution aborted).  Did you ever receive a resolution for this?

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I encountered the same 307650 error when running carsim model. Eventually I found the problem is ethernet error, not the "Install CarSim RT solvers to target". Please check the host and the target's static IP in all Target, Veristand, and CarSim setting.

However, it is probably that the error code 307650 has mutiple reason to be caused. Just the issue I had have.

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