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Run an exe file at startup

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Can Veristand launch an exe file with a startup routine? I have a PC Windows in which Veristand run and a Compact Rio target that run Linux 64.

I want to run a program in Wndows when deploy to the target. Is it possible? Thanks

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There is no built-in way to start a Windows exe on deployment. 

One possible workaround is to create a bat file which Runs VeriStand Operations Using the Command Line

and your custom exe. 

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Accepted by topic author Guyverjack

Similar to ZYOng's suggestion: You could write a LabVIEW program that called the VeriStand Project / Execution API to deploy the project and launch your executable at the same time.


Another variation you could do in LabVIEW is write a program that sat running in the background to detect project deployment (calling the "Open Workspace Manager Reference and looking for no error returned for example) and then run your executable based on that.

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