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Respond to UDS DID request from VeriStand

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I have installed the Diagnostic Custom Device Addon for VeriStand and it looks like it has lots of features. However I cant seem to find an obvious way to respond to a DID request coming from an ECU. So my DUT will request a DID (Software Version) from the ECU (which I am simulating over CAN) and expect a response with the correct version. I can see how to trigger writing of a DID, but how do I know when to trigger writing this DID? i.e how do I know when my DUT has requested the DID in order to respond at the correct time?

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Typically in a HIL test, the DUT is the ECU. The NI-ADCS toolkit acts as a UDS client, connecting and communicating with the UDS server (ECU). However, in your case, it is the other way around. The NI-ADSC toolkit is designed to be a UDS client only but 

it does come with the Demo ECU for troubleshooting purposes (<LabVIEW>\examples\Automotive Diagnostic Command Set\ADCS Demo ECUs.llb\ADCS Demo ECU CAN

The demo ECU example uses Diagnostic, Handle UDS Command,vi and Diagnostic to process the incoming request. Unfortunately, the Diagnostic Addon does not support this feature. You could modify the source code and add the functionality on your own, or run this Demo ECU as a standalone alongside VeriStand.



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This makes sense, Thank you ZYOng!

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