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Replacing 7833Rs with 7842Rs

I have several HIL systems that are using a 7833R FPGA.  These have become obselete and we will start using 7842R FPGA cards on new HIL systems being built.  Is there a way to create a single system defintion that can be deployed to both cards?  Everything in the HIL system is the same (FPGA code, wiring, hardware, etc.) except for swapping the 7833R for the 7842R.


Maybe a better question is if there is a way to create a single bitfile that can be deployed to both the 7833R and the 7842R?  Then I can reference this bitfile in the system definition.  My goal is to not have to maintain seperate system definition files.



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Hi Holt,


You can use the System Definition API in LabVIEW to look at each .nivssdf and programmatically determine which hardware is being used. Then you can programmatically choose the bitfile from there.


Check out the examples in the NI Example Finder (in LabVIEW go to Tools>>Find Examples…) by browsing the directory structure under NI VeriStand>>API>>System Definition API.


You will need separate bitfiles and xml files for the two different FPGA cards. One of our newer add-on’s should be helpful with this; check it out:



Ryan C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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