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Reading input in an Inline Model Custom Device in VeriStand

Hi all,


I've just started looking at VeriStand and the LabVIEW Custom Devices. I have a LabVIEW program doing some calculations which I want to include as an Inline Model. The program takes a number of booleans as input. Looking at the Device Driver vi template in the Custom Device Project it seems to me that one only can have double variables as input, see attached snippet.  Is this the case or have I missed something?


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Custom Device.png


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VeriStand currently only supports the double datatype. I would recommend using the Not Equal to Zero primitive to translate the double channel values to boolean to use your existing VI.


If all your channels are booleans, you could also use a port type of channel. In this case you would have one double channel that could represent 8 or even up to 32 boolean values as a numeric value by storing a U8 or U32 value in the double. Some FPGA personalities do this, and it could help increase the overall system bandwidth by decreasing the amount of channel data transferred.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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