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PXI-2510 add-on for 2013 has different channel names

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Hi, I am upgrading from VeriStand 2011 to 2013. I have downloaded the new add-on custom device for the PXI-2510 fault injection unit from I noticed, however, that the channel names are now different. Instead of channels being "Ch. 00" thru "Ch. 67," they are now preceded by the word "Fault," to become "Fault Ch. 0" to "Fault Ch. 67," without the leading zero. This makes it difficult to do an upgrade without breaking each channel's mappings. Have there been many other functional changes to the 2013 custom device? For now I plan on just mass compiling my 2011 version into something usable for VeriStand 2013. Thanks.

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Hey Harris,

I'm trying to find the best way to find you an answer. Most of the documentation should be handled on the custom device page but a change log doesn't exhist on the page.

Kyle Hartley
Senior Embedded Software Engineer

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Hey Harris,


I was surprised to hear this feedback as the custom device actually only has one source code which is built in 2011, 2012, and 2013. So there shouldn't be any behavior change.


Looking into the source, the string is indeed "Fault Ch. " appended with a number:



So I believe if you downloaded the 2011 version from the website you would also see this behavior. The channels are not rename protected. Are you sure the user did not rename them at some point? Speaking of which, you shouldn't have to re-add the custom device when upgrading your system definition. If the custom device was present in the 2011 system definition, it should also be present in the 2013 system defintiion. Just make sure the custom device is installed on the computer and you should be good to go.







Stephen B
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Hi Stephen,

You're right that I did not have readd the custom device to my system definition. However, not knowing what changed between the version I did use new LLB's in my custom device. I tested out adding another instance of the PXI-2510 just to make sure nothing was broken, and that's when I saw the names were different from what I had. I don't remember exacty what I did when I first upgraded to 2011, so perhaps I'm still hanging onto 2009 names. Either case, it appears that the old naming will work, even with the new LLB's, so I'll go ahead with this strategy. If not, I'll just use my old 2011 LLB's and mass compile to 2013 if necessary. Good to know there's no significant change, as this means I have several options. Thanks.

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