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OPC & Veristand

Hi folks,


I have been searching to see if there is a way for Veristand to communicate with an OPC server. It seems like there would not be since OPC is very much a Windows technology and Veristand products are a RT technology. (So VxWorks or PharLap.)


Would it be possible to set this up through shared variables? Is there some other way?



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This is something that would be possible to implement in VeriStand using a Custom Device.  For more information on creating and implementing a custom device please check out this tutorial.  However, there is no built in functionality with VeriStand to implement OPC communication.


This tutorial has more information regarding implementing OPC Servers in LabVIEW.


It is also feasible to run NI VeriStand on a Windows OS verses RT, by setting the controller to Windows.  However, when using Windows OS you will not have the same reliability of Real-Time.

Are you using a NI OPC server?

How would you like VeriStand to communicate with the OPC Server?



M. Whitaker
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In case you can use a "non windows" implementation, you can look at the OPC UA server (Available in the Data Communication toolbox of LabVIEW). You'll have to check if the client is compliant with this standard and if there are no incompabilities with VeriStand.

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The setup is a little exotic.


We are trying to communicate at a high rate of speed (samples per second) with a Rockwell Automation PLC. We have tried a variety of methods and nothing seems to work well. One of our developers has suggested using Wonderware OPC server. He has managed to get good results with this.


In the rack with our target controller, we have a prosoft PC-56 card. This is an embedded Windows XP computer. We would run Wonderware on this. The reaon is that Wonderware can communicate on the backplane of the PLC rack at high speed.


So one solution for us is to write a simple driver for VS and an OPC client of some sort to run on the PC-56 card. The simple VS driver would communicate with the OPC client.


Before we do this I wanted to make sure there was no direct support in VS for OPC.

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