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Not able to get values/send values from RT FIFO

Hi All


I ahve created a custom device (asynchronous) which tries to read values of channels and also write the values of channels.

when I am running my custom device to communicate with PLC , I am not able to see any data transfer between the two.

So for debugging , instead of sending the values coming from the RT FIFO i am sending constant array values to PLC. In this case I am able to get values on PLC side. Which means RT FIFO not giving me channel values to send to PLC.

What could be the reason for such behaviour?

I am running my custom device on windows system only. I dont have RT system.


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Hey LV_user1, 


So it sounds like your output channels for your custom device, but not your input channels, correct? How many input channels did you configure in your host side custom device Initialization VI? 


I could probably help you figure it out a bit faster if you posted up some of your code as well!


On a last note, you may want to say PCL and not PLC Cat Happy



Tim A.
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