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NIVS Data Logging: Trigger formula

Hi Board,


I want to log my RT-Sequence from labview. I am using the following vi to set my start trigger:







I have the following scenario:

1. 3 trigger channels (put them in Variable Mappings array)

2. Start Trigger if:


3. Start Trigger if:



what is the correct syntax to write to String Input "Trigger Condition"?


I tried to write as written above, but won't work..


Thanks for your help!!










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What doesn't work? Do you get an error, or does the trigger fail to occur properly?
Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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I tried the trigger conditions you specified in VeriStand 2014 (I don't have 2012 installed). Everything worked as expected. The log triggered when any of the three channels were greater or equal to one, and stopped when all of the channels were less than 1. Can you post a VI that demonstrates the issue you were having?

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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Hi Jarod,



i have to confirmed, it was my failure. I connected different input for start/stop variable map. Variable on trigger condition string input shall be matched with what is defined in Variable Mappings cluster. 


What i wrote on my post before shall work properly. I just didn't see i have more variable on Variable Mappings cluster.


Thanks again for your help!!



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Hi Jarrod, 

Im trying to "Set Start Trigger" in LV2023 for the variable "RPM",

I used "RPM > 0" Syntax in the Trigger condition string. But i was getting "Error 1 occurred at Property Node in NI_VS Data Logging API.lvlib:Set Start Trigger (Formula).vi->"


so, what would be the right syntax to be mentioned in Trigger condition??

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