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NI Veristand tlc error.



I compiled by placing all obj files in folder as mentioned by you. Please see the attached log from command window.

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You will note in the error log of the specific cause to this issue. It appears that the sfunc_PMS.obj was built as a 64-bit binary rather than the 32-bit.  Rebuild the s-functions using the Visual Studio 2008 32-bit (x86) Command Prompt. Try again. Note VeriStand strictly works with 32-bit binaries.

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I am using 32 bit version of matlab and also I compiled all s-functions with 32-bit compilers. Now when I generate code from simulink model, I couldn't find motion.bat file. Am I missing some settings for code generation??



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Hi LnT,


The batch file is always generated if the model's code generation process succeeded; its automated execution is however user-configurable. Confirm no error occured during the code generation procedure of your model. Particularly, confrim that the build procedure prints the following string on the MATLAB command window: "### Successful completion of Real-Time Workshop build". In addition, you should see the following string in the command window: "### Building motion: .\motion.bat". If you do not, then most likely you are simulating the model, and not building it - or an error message is somewhere within the generated command window text.

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I have installed Veristand 2014 version now and using Visual Studio 2010. Please see the attched log of command window of Matlab code generation, and part of log of compilation using cmd

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Hello LnT,


As reported in CmdWndwErrors.txt, the errors are due to insufficient code to properly link your object files, sfun_PMS.obj and sfun_thrust_allocation.obj. The error log states these objects are using variables declared in external source\objects, but the compiled source cannot be found at linkage. For example sfun_thrust_allocation.obj has a function declaring the variable _mxIsNume, but its definition cannot be found.


To successfully compile this code:

  1. The external source appears to be MathWorks related. Here is a relevant discussion of a similar issue:
  2. You will need to update your model's Configuration Parameters to pull these dependencies. To do this, add the following libraries to the Real-Time Workshop >>Custom Code section of the Model Configuration Parameters dialog; for more information see help Real-Time Workshop help topic, Integrating External Code Using Model Configuration Parameters.

Model Configuration Parameters

  • Include directories (note your MATLAB vesion): C:\PROGRA~2\MATLAB\R2010b\extern\lib\win32\microsoft
  • Libraries: libmx.lib libmex.lib libmat.lib

Rebuild your model from within Simulink. You should see all dependencies listed in the generated file.

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Thanks for reply, I tried to follow the steps but the error log is smae as earlier. Please see the attached make file and dependency file referred in make file ( Is there any other to tackle this issue? 

Also I have attached complete error log.

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