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NI Veristand 2019 : System Explorer

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I am new to using NI System. I am trying to understand one of the project setups we already have in NI Veristand 2019. When I try to open NI System Explorer, it gives me following error: "This page is read-only. You do not have proper privilege level to modify a system definition file."

I do not have legacy contact to help me get access to this system, does anyone know how can I get the privilege to access/modify the System Definition file?

Thank you!

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Accepted by topic author krshah

The system definition file cannot be edited under the following circumstances:

  • The project has been deployed.
  • You don't have the Full license activated. Check NI License Manager to see what kind of license been activated. Reference: Select Your VeriStand Edition
Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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Accepted by topic author krshah

Thank you! I was trying with project Deployed!

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