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J1939 Add-on VeriStand

Good morning to ALL ,


I'm using a VeriStand2011 system that should comunicate with bus J1939.

For this reason I have installed the J1939 Add-on.


Following the J1939 Add-on instruction I have tried to visualize in the can monitor some signal(generated by Vector CANoe).

"picture0" but no messages are present on VeriStand monitor "picture1".


So,have you got suggestion?what am i wronging?


Thanks very much







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Here the attachment

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Hello Nick,


This add-on is provided as open-source software and It is not officially supported by National Instruments.

If you encounter a problem with this add-on, or if you have suggestions for a future revision, please post to the forum for this add-on:


That is the right channel you can you for direct support.


best regards,



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The J1939 custom device only supports a very specific set of diagnostic messages.  Make sure that you confirm in the custom device documentation that the diagnostic messages you are seeing in CANoe fall into that category.


Also, make sure that your custom device is configured correctly so that it has a proper address claim.

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