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Inconsistent connection between Lambda Genesys Custom Device to Lambda Genesys power supply

I have had several end users start to recognize some weird behavior with the Lambda Genesys Power Custom device.


This behavior has been currently being noticed in Veristand 2013 SP1 and Veristand 2014 test environments.


The issue is that when the user deploys their Veristand project and attempts to enable the power supply out, the power supply does not turn on.


The users have reported that only after either redploying the project several times or changing the baud rate setting in the custom device will the device finally work.


Both systems where this has been observed are set up as remote target controlled via Veristand on a host PC. The power supplies are connnected to the PXI-Controller serial port via an RJ-45 to Serial cable from the back of the power supply to the available serial port on the controller.



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Hi hortoxn,


What model power supply is this happening with? Additionally, what baud rate setting did the device work with?



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The power supply models are GEN60-25 and GEN40-38.  The baud rate settings on both units is 9600.


On the 60-25 unit, after redeploying a few time its starts back working with no modification to the custom device baud rate.


On the 40-38 unit, sometimes it works after redeploying, on other times we'll either decrease (4800) or increase (19200) baud rate in the custom device (no change to the actual baud rate setting in the power supply) then the custom device will work. 

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The lack of error reporting by this custom device is a known issue and it's hard to say what's going on here without some more detailed error information. If this is a consistent problem, I'd recommend downloading and building the debug variant of this custom device to try and catch any errors that are happening. Hopefully this will help shine some light on the root cause.



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Is there anything in particular that has to be done to see the initialization error or the console?


Succesfully compiled and loaded device, but it seems to be operating like the old device.


Will console only launch if there is an error?


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Hi professor_xh,


Per the custom device documentation, the device should print runtime errors to the console out.  The console out, in this case, is just the output from the target that shows the realtime interactions between the VeriStand engine and the code that it is running.  I don't personally have this custom device, so I have not been able to verify this. 

Matt | NI Systems Engineering
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