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How to add Custom Device with the Veristand API ?



You should use the custom device GUID, not the one from the Main Page.


If you select the MainPage GUID, you will have the same behaviour you are getting. 



Guilherme Correa
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The two numbers are the same, aren't they ?

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Can you share your custom device code ? Or at least the XML file?

Guilherme Correa
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Sure ! Thanks for taking some time on my problem


See the attach

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According to your XML file, VeriStand is working correctly.


You only have the main page in your custom device, there is no extra pages.


The missing function for you is having the outputs and inputs channels.


Check also this post Programmatically adding VS custom device


I supose your initialization VI is correct, because you sent a image with the channel list. Check the SDF when you add manually the custom device if the GUID for the channels are listed there.


Now that you have the custom device reference, try to navigate to the section and add the channels. But you need the channels GUID information.


add channels.PNG

Guilherme Correa
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Yep, i've tried to add your block like in your example, but I get a error 1172


Name and GUID have been found in the nivssdf after an manual add.



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Hello, I have the same problem now: I can add a custom Device, but the subfolders and channels in the driver are not available.


Excuse me, how did you solve it?

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