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Help needed for executing custom device - Urgent!!

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Hi All


I am new to veristand and I need to build a custom device in veristand.. I have gone through links about creating the custom device through the template tool.

But I am not able to understand how custom device exactly executes.

WHat value should be passed to the "Device Item Ref in" in the initialization VI.?

Is there any specific documnet from which i can get the exact flow of the execution of the custom device?


I want to create channels , sections in custom device programmatically by reading it from file... That code I have written in the initalization VI .But when I am running this VI I am getting error as  "Item does not exist". Somewhere I am doing wrong as I am not aware of the exact flow!!!

Help is much appreciated!!!!

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Custom Device development is mainly two things: support for edition in System Explorer (Initialize + Pages) and Engine. The template provides you a way interfacing your code with the System Explorer (edition) and the VeriStand Engine (execution). First of all, what type of Custom Device are you building? (inline, assynchronous, etc...) 


At edition, the System Explorer uses your Custom Device like a plugin. The XML file define the VIs to be called, association between channels and configuration pages (througt GUID). You can consider the XML as a Class, and the Device Item Ref as the instance of an object / a Custom Device of this class. The XML tells the System Explorer how this class (Custom Device) works, which edition page to display, how to add channels, sections, and so on.


So the starting point for Initialize VI - Device Item Ref in - is provided by the System Explorer. and you may want to add a section under the main page of your Custom Device, then channels under the section, and so on. Perhaps could post a VI that replicate the issue...


About Execution, did you read this pages?

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the help. I am now able to create the configurable channels in custom device. Now I want to know the main logic for writing and reading the channel values should be present in Main Page VI or in thr RT driver VI (assuming that my custom device is now running on PC)?

When I checked the block diagram of main page VI it handles dynamic events. From where exactly these events will get fired ?


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I recommend to go through Custom Device Developer Guide: 

Dev. Guide


It is described in detail there.




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