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I get back to a subject that was already discussed but with no solution.


We've built a big VeriStand project (based on 2011SP1) that has now been deployed to several worldwide locations. Since we use the 2011 version, we had to use the "scaling & calibration" function to scale bus data.


Today a new bus specification requires making changes on some scales. To avoid running around the world I would like my customers to send me their “HardwareCalibrationData.nivscal” files in order to patch and send them back.


I don’t want to use a running VeriStand project to do that because the customer’s configurations are slightly different with only a set of channels being concerned by the scale update (the others may hold scales and/or calibration factors that must not be disturbed).


So I’ve imagined developing a tool for doing the patch but I can’t because I have neither file format specification nor S/W module or code extract.


Note: I don’t care about the history file, only about the HardwareCalibrationData.nivscal.


Any help would be appreciated, best regards

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Accepted by topic author thumble

These APIs should do what you want. Note that I believe they will ONLY work up through NI VeriStand 2011 SP1. However, that sounds like what you want.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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Thank you Jarrod, that's exactly what we need.

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Hi Jarod

Any update of this exemple for VeriStand 2020 ? 

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Hi kabooom,


Here is an updated solution for reading nivscal files (for at least VeriStand 2020):




The data is prepended with the version number in plain ASCII, then the rest of the data is a cluster flattened in binary. Excepted for the first 4 bytes (always equal to 0x00 ?), I could decode all the calibration data. See the project attached.




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