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Export all System Definition File Channel to .txt

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Hi Everyone,


We would like for some project to export all our Channel to a .txt file


I've done some research on the net, and I've found an old feature on VeriStand 2012, who can do the job for us  : 



But I can't find this on VeriStand 2020, is this feature still available ?

If not, any idea please ?


Thank you very much !

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If I understand correctly, there is no same feature in NI VeriStand.

But you can achieve it using VeriStand API in LabVIEW. Since I don't have the environment at this moment, cannot provide concrete example but..


Programmatically Set System Mappings For Veristand Using LabVIEW API - NI

helpful to understand how to use APIs in LabVIEW.

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Hi YusukeT

Thank for your reply


The bad thing of this solution, is that you need to know what you've got in your System Definition File, to correctly use this API in LabVIEW.


Currently our need is just to extrat all the informations available on differents VeriStand System Definition File, and I don't find any solution

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If you just need the names you can use the export alias in system explorer:


Otherwise you have to use either the API or parse the .nivssdf XML.

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Seem perfect ! Thanks !

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