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Emulate Webserver on RT Target with multiple interfaces



I'm new to LabView and Veristand so this problem is probably really easy to solve.


I need to emulate the behavior of webservers on the network-interfaces of my RT Target. One Interface is used for the Veristand communication (deploying etc), the other interfaces need to behave like a webserver. Every adapter has an IP in a different network (x.x.1.x; x.x.2.x...).


I am building a testbench for a controller unit that gets information from external devices using http-get. The external devices are running a webserver that I need to emulate because I can't use the real hardware.


The webserver has different readable files that the control unit can access using the URL: (the other devices would be etc)

Its also possible to write a value to one of the files using the command:

The other values in the files are constants or variables I get from simulation models.

The files are basically just JSON Strings {"value" : 1, "value2" : 2, ...}


Is there some kind of custom device that does this?

If not could you please give me an example how to do that.

I'm using the newest verions of Labview and Veristand (2014).



Thanks in advance

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Dear MarHe,


Could you please explain more detail what exactly you need and what VeriStand have to do with this because what for you want to implement a web server in VeriStand?
VeriStand is a Software for RT-HIL Testing and a TCP-IP communication is never deterministic so not RT suitable.




Kind Regards,

SG3 | Applications Engineering | National Instruments | NIG |

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Dear SG3,


We are building a HiL Testbench for the controller unit. We would like to use Veristand to simulate the environment. The communication between controller and some measurement devices (but not all) is based on webservers.

I'm aware that TCP-IP is not deterministic, but we want to be as close to the final application as possible. Thats why we want to emulate the webserver.



Kind Regards


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Dear MarHe,


the project you described sounds plausible but it will be a lot of work and you have to be expert in LabVIEW and VeriStand so design such a Custom Device.


I can gave you this view links where you can incorporate how to build a custom device for VeriStand but you have to do it on your won because the implementation of a Custom Device is not native supported.


Running a Web Service from a Real-Time Target


Building Custom Devices for NI VeriStand


NI VeriStand 2010 Custom Device Developer’s Guide



I wish you much success with your project.



Kind Regards,

SG3 | Applications Engineering | National Instruments | NIG |

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