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Dual Channel Parameter File of NI Veristand Ballard Mil Std 1553 Custom Device

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I am Fehmi, trying to use niveristand-ballard-milStd1553-custom-device tool to communicate on veristand by Astronics Ballard Omnibus 2. But having an issue to build a parameter file for dual channel application of mil std 1553 (I can't deploy). Can someone help me to build one or if you have an example of dual channel parameter file that would be great reference for me. 


I am sharing Hardware file and Parameter file (as what i tried which doesnt work) of dual channel application in attachments for your information. 

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I am able to successfully deploy to my PXI Linux RT target using the configuration files you attached. I do not have the two channels of my card coupled together, so I am unable to validate data loopback though. I am seeing the "Unconfigured Frames Count" of the status channels increase, which tells me there may be an issue with the second channel.




Can you post a full explanation of the hardware and software setup you are using as an Issue on the GitHub repository for the Custom Device? That will be a better place to handle any additional debugging.

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I've shared as an github issue thank you for your answer. Link:
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Oh, now I see your fix on github. I'll try and let you know the results. Thank you so much.
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