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DAQmx Support for C series Modules on cRIO targets in VeriStand 2018

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The last release of CompactRIO includes support for DAQmx on cRIO chassis (see What is CompactRIO with NI-DAQmx?). It is now possible to use some C series modules with DAQmx from any LabVIEW RT application in CompactRIO chassis. We can now access to C series modules unsing FPGA interface, Scan Mode or DAQmx (support may vary according to the considered module, see NI C Series Module Compatibility Chart).


And what about VeriStand 2018 ? I did not find any information about that support in VeriStand 2018 What's New.


So I made some test to use a NI 9203 with VeriStand using DAQmx interface, on a cRIO-9045. The module was properly configured in MAX to use DAQmx. VeriStand hardware discovery wasn't able to see the module. I tried to set it up manually, using the "Mod5" seen in MAX as device name, the project did not deploy: an error stands DAQ device not supported (or something like that).


I know that VeriStand is build on LabVIEW, and this implies a kind of delay between new features available in LabVIEW and their implementation in native VeriStand features. Could you confirm that DAQmx interface for C series modules is not available in VeriStand 2018, using native DAQmx section in the System Explorer? Or is it supposed to work? (and what did I miss in configuration? )


Best regards,

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Accepted by topic author Mathieu_R.

Bonjour Mathieu,


VeriStand 2018 officially supports all CompactRIO with NI-DAQmx controllers (cRIO-904x) as a RIO device. VeriStand 2018 does not yet support these controllers as a DAQmx device.


Have a good day

Best regards,

NI France

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Hi Eloïse,


Nice to read you, thank you very much for that quick confirmation Smiley Wink


When this functionality would be available ? Can I consider it should be in VeriStand 2019 ?



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I'm sorry, we have no information on the availability of these functions.


Best regards,

NI France

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HI Mathieu,


As Eloise mentioned, VeriStand 2018 does not support NI-DAQmx on CompactRIO. However, the cRIO-904x controllers do support the using the device in FPGA or Scan Engine Mode.


Adding NI-DAQmx on CompactRIO support in VeriStand is something that we are planning to add in the future. However, we do not have a concrete timeline for when this functionality will be added. 





Product Support Engineer

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Hello Andy,

Thank you for this information complement. It could be nice to be able to address fast acquition using waveform support of VeriStand, whithout having to develop a dedicated Custom Device - thus using DAQmx native support. I'll check future release notes...

Have a nice week-end,

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Is this still true in VeriStand 2020 R6?


I noticed the Hardware Discovery Wizard is not able to find any DAQ devices even though they are installed in the chassis.




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I asked my team to look into this a bit...

The underlying problem is that we're getting IDs from the NI DAQmx driver that are not what we expect when the modules are in a real cRIO.

If we test the modules that aren't detected in cRIO in a simulated cDAQ chassis, things are correctly discovered. 

Our best theory is that the ID query API provided by our driver started returning different data at some point. We have had trouble nailing down which version of DAQmx this might have happened; if we knew this then we could find who made the change and ask for alternative solutions.

Though its not a fix or workaround, I wanted to share what we learned from that investigation.

Darin Gillis
NI - Chief Product Owner - VeriStand
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Thank you for the update Darin!

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I'm using Veristand 2023 Q1, and it appears that I still cannot use DAQmx access to my C series modules on a cRIO-9047. What is the status of this support?



Rick Howard

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