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Customize control appearance in Veristand

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I'm trying to follow the instructions in Creating Custom Workspace Objects for NI VeriStand - NI but it doesn't seem to get picked up by the VeriStand Editor in 2021 R3. Has the mechanism for customizing control appearance in VeriStand changed? Can I still extend and create new controls to display on screens? 


I can build my own UI in LabVIEW if I have to but was hoping to provide more functionality through the VeriStand screens.

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Disregard. I found my issue. Got confused about what I could do with the VeriStand Editor vs. the VeriStand Workspace. Still think it would be cool to modify controls in the Editor. I can make my solution work in the Workspace but it's a slightly messier workflow for my end users than to work completely in the Editor.

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VeriStand Editor screen is built using C# and hence the custom controls can only be developed using C#. See GitHub - ni/veristand-editor-plugin-examples

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