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Control buttons remain depressed in Reference Configurable Custom Control

I am using 'Switch until released' boolean control in the Reference Configurable Custom Control ( see From time to time, the button controls get stuck in the depressed position and refuses to automatically return to the default position when I release the mouse click. I will need to click and may be hold the depressed control button a few more times and sometimes that  will cause it come back up again. Has anybody come across this problem? 


Also, I notice clicks on boolean button in a Reference Configurable Custom Control takes significantly longer to get registered. I need to click and intentionally hold on for about 1sec before the click is recognised by the VeriStand, which is rather annoying. A boolean button NOT using the Reference Configurable Custom Control takes only less than 0.5s (ie. a light click will do) to register, which is much more natural (ie. i don't need to intentionally hold the mouse click). What is causing this delayed response? Is there any way to reduce the response time for Reference Configurable Custom Control? 



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I gave this a shot on my system and all seems to be OK and responsive. Can you offer information on your system specifications such as CPU speed, memory, number of other programs running, etc? Do you have lots of other controls/indicators on the same page as the Right Click Custom Control? If so, have you tried moving it to another page in your Workspace to see if this helps?  
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I am running on Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz, 4GB RAM and Windows XP Professional version 2002 SP3. I usually only have Lotus Notes, Labview and VeriStand running at the same time. My Reference Configurable Custom Control do have many controls/indicators. I have tried reducing to 2 controls and 1 indicator on one page and the problem still clearly persists, though perhaps just a little less often.


I have attached the relevant files to see if you can to reproduce the problem on your system.


Thank you.

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Thanks for the files, I will be looking at them shortly.


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I have been looking at the files that you send in. I see waht you mean about the delay. My guess it is slower because of the large number of channels that we have, but I am not sure. I will need a bit more time to look at this and  consult with some others at NI. More to come soon!

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It looks like the Right Click framework takes a certain amout of time to response to the mouse down event, update the value to the channel (about 200 ms), and then take another amount of time to pass that value through the VeriStand Engine's channel mappings. I will run some benckmarks to highlight where we are taking the most time by modifying the Right Click framework's VIs.



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Thanks for looking into this.


Yes I think the Right Click Configurable Custom Control is not very efficient in dealing with a large number of channels.


Looking at the block diagram, it seems that the controls (not just indicators) on the front panel are updated with values from corresponding channels in VeriStand. Is there a good reason for doing so?


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Controls need to be updated from VeriStand since it is possible to change the channel from multiple controls, therefore each control should reflect the true value of the channel it is linked to.

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Changing the event structure time out to something like 50 ms made the response much quicker. Can you give that a shot and see if that improves on your system?

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Hi Joshua,


Yes reducing the timeout to 50ms does make control response quicker. However, I am still having trouble with the buttons remaining in depressed position instead of springing back up automatically after I release the mouse click. In fact, reducing timeout to 50ms seems to make this problem worse. Any ideas? Thanks.

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