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Can I use the FPGA on EtherCAT 9145 chassis

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I have a Veristand project that uses the Scan Engine and EtherCAT custom device with a cRIO-9145 connected to a cRIO-9045. Someone bought NI-9262 cards which need the FPGA, so I want to know if I can use these cards in the cRIO-9145?  I know I would have to create the FPGA code, but I don't know if I can add the FPGA target for the 9145 to my system definition.

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If you look under your NI 914x chasses you will see User Variables.  You can add the FPGA personality for for the 9262 cards there.

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Thank you very much.  Would I be able to run in Hybrid mode with some slots using the scan engine?

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Yes, you will only write FPGA code for the cRIO cards you want, all the others should run in the scan engine hybrid mode.  

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