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CAN counter and CRC update failed in Long run - Veristand 2016 and XNET

Hello ,


I am trying to fix an issue with veristand custom device. 




Need to update 2 signals , CRC and Counter in a CAN frame with values from a lookup table.





Controller is configured like this


Used veristand 2016 and PXI CAN port to generate the frames

Added a custom device, which has the lookup table to send the crc value corresponds to a counter value







This implementaion is working for a parallet execution for some duration , approx 4 hours, After that the values are unstable. But the cycle time of the message is as expected. 100 Hz


Like this 





At the begining till 4 hours it worked well , counter values updated from 0 to 15 and associated crc also sent. 


Dont know the reason for this instability after a long run. 

CPU and Memory usages seems in range and not increasing,


Any idea to fix this?



My observation is, this happens to the signals, which have a rate of 100 HZ, for the lower frequency signals its stable. For 50 Hz and 1 Hz, it worked as expected.




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Darin Gillis
NI - Chief Product Owner - VeriStand
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