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BaseNode ref to Alias Folder Class



Considering an alias folder node in a System definition file (.nivssdf), it seems not possible to reach the AliasFolder class from a correct BaseNode ref using the VeriStand API.

I tried in VS 2011 Sp1 and 2014.


But the translation of corresponding BaseNode ref to Aliases root or Alias class works.


I feel a little confused because the same way is used in the VeriStand Simple System Definition API (I know not officially supported) with the same result :


Is that "Normal" ?


Attached is a simple nivssdf and a simple vi.



Best regards,
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Hey Ulysse,


This is not just AliasFolder, but all the folder types that are affected. (UserChannelsFolder, AlarmFolder...). As of now they are not castable though these types do inherit from BaseNode. It's a known issue here. I have no workaround on the top of my mind.




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