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Announcing VeriStand 2021 R2

It is my pleasure to announce that VeriStand 2021 R2 is now shipping and available.

This is a minor upgrade release, but does include new features that potentially impact every VeriStand user.


Release notes:

What is in this release?

  • Command Center
The deploy control has moved from the top-right corner of the VeriStand editor to an area left of the document tabs that we call the Command Center. Along with this shift, we made some UX upgrades: The deploy/undeploy action is now a simple button, info tips seen on hover have been added to better explain system state, and we brought the VeriStand gateway configuration out of a very hidden place and instead present that configuration next to the deployment actions.


  • vsmodels bus datatype support

v1.1.0 of the VeriStand Model Generation Support MATLAB add-on has been released that supports using non-virtual buses as inports, outports, and parameters. This support is limited to the following data types:


  • Scalar
  • Vector
  • Numerical two-dimensional matrix
  • Boolean two-dimensional matrix
  • Scalar non-virtual bus

Users can continue to use non-virtual buses and virtual buses elsewhere in the model as well.


With VeriStand 2021 R2 and the v1.1.0 toolbox, many customers will be able to successfully compile and integrate vsmodels.


  • Custom Device PPL Support
Using a PPL-based custom device can help improve deployment times with a smaller disk footprint, avoid load-time conflicts, and avoid internal naming conflicts. The Custom Device Developer Handbook now has instructions on how to migrate a LLB CD to a PPL-based CD. In addition, the VeriStand Custom Device Wizard now supports generating a PPL-based CD when using the inline and inline-async HW templates..
  • One more thing… Color!
Tired of the gray UI? VeriStand applications now respect Windows 10 Color settings for Title bars and window borders. Engaging this setting in the OS will now cause VeriStand's main editor and dialogs to not be forever dark gray, but instead a color of your own choosing. For a sleek VeriStand look, try out custom color #00ABA5 and whenever the editor is active you'll get a nice VeriStand Green menubar that blends in with the iconography.


What excites you most from this announcement? Leave a comment below!

Darin Gillis
NI - Chief Product Owner - VeriStand
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Hello Darrin,

 This indeed sounds nice.


 I have one question, though - what about building PPLs for LinuxRT on Windows? Last time I tried it (with VS2019/LV2019 SP1) was not possible to build a PPL for Linux using the Windows environment. If that's still true, it severely limits the usage of PPL Custom Devices...

Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF
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Hi iwane,  

From Windows LabVIEW with the LabVIEW RT module installed, compiling code for Linux RT in all forms (in PPLs or not) is fully supported.

Note that with VeriStand 2021 and later versions, only the 64-bit flavor of LabVIEW/LabVIEW RT are supported.

Darin Gillis
NI - Chief Product Owner - VeriStand
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