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Alarm monitor status boxes don't update with scroll and flow off window


This problem has existed since 2011 I think. It does not appear fixed for 2013 yet. The status boxes overflow off the screen, and generally don't seem to scroll together with the other columns. Are other people having this issue too? Thanks.



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It is something we've seen before, and an issue we're aware of. It appears to only be an issue with more than 16 alarms. Its been documented to R&D in Corrective Action Report: 394383, and is something we're looking into fixing for the 2014 release. I'd recommend checking the release notes of future versions for the above number to see if its fixed in a future version.


The issue doesn't affect the functionality of the Alarm Monitor, correct? Its primarily a cosmetic issue that the value and status don't end with the rest of the columns. 

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Hi, it's definitely a cosmetic problem, but it also affects functionality necause the status boxes don't scroll with the rest of the rows, so the statuses of alarms lower in the list can't be verified.

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Ah, I didn't realize the scroll functionality wasn't working either.


This may be a good case to use LabVIEW to monitor the alarms then, rather than the workspace tool. We have a pallete specifically dedicated to alarms under NI VeriStand >> Execution >> Alarms. There you can retrieve the Alarm list,  get/set alarm information, as well as disable and enable alarms. 




I believe these functions are just LabVIEW wrappers for the .NET API if you'd be more interested in pursuing that route. 

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