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Adding channels to Logging Specification

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I am supporting a development project where we are using the Logging Specification feature within Veristand 2020 to record data on our test stand.  We've not yet finalized our list of channels that need to be logged, and we are still finding places in our test stand where we need to add a sensor or calculated channels we want to add and record.  We probably have 60+ channels in our logging specification at the moment.  One thing we've found is that it will not let us use the Add Channel button to include a new item in our spec.  It will let us delete a channel but not add one.  So, each time we want to add something to our logging specification, we are having to recreate it completely from scratch.  It's starting to get frustrating.  Does anyone know why this could be happening?  I'm wondering if there is a limit to the number of channels it will accept before turning off the Add Channel button, which seems like a pretty terrible feature.  My workaround would be to have multiple logging specifications all set to the same trigger, then use a Diadem script to aggregate them.  It just seems like a lot of unnecessary work for something Veristand should be able to do.

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Hello _pepper,


I believe you've hit upon a bug in VeriStand 2020.  It was reported to us in VeriStand 2020 R6 as Issue #1618401.
As you can see from our Bug Fix List, we have fixed it in VeriStand 2021.
If you have the freedom to upgrade to VeriStand 2021, I would recommend that.  If not, maybe you could at least experiment with VeriStand 2021 to verify that the issue you are seeing is indeed fixed there.

If an upgrade to VeriStand 2021 isn't possible, then there are a couple of ugly workarounds:

a. Try to make the VeriStand window bigger -- ultimately the issue is due to where the Add Channels pop-up is being placed -- but this workaround does not scale well to larger counts of logged channels

b. You could hand-edit the logging specification file (or write a simple tool to do this, with the tool validating that channel names/paths are correct).
The file format for adding channels is fairly simple:

<LogChannelModel ChannelName="[string]NH2" ChannelPath="[string]Aliases/Frequency/NH2" Group="[string]Dyne_values" Id="c280748ad3f04e2f97bbe1debb2ec987" />

The Id is a just a GUID and can be omitted (delete key and field, it will be regenerated on load/next save).

I'm sorry you ran into this. Please let us know how it goes getting past this.

Darin Gillis
NI - Chief Product Owner - VeriStand
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Just looping back around this this topic, I wanted to note that option B turned out to be a simple workaround for this problem.  Editing the XML to add a channel was an easy and reliable solution.  I'm glad to hear that this has been fixed in future versions, but the XML edit is working well for us.

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