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9081RT and Veristand


Does VS support the 9081RT and 9082RT standalone cDAQ ?


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Both of them have enought memory (2GB). Not sure of this, but I suppose they run PharLab as real time operating system (x86 processor). So, according to the readme of VeriStand 2013, this should works.


See there, you may use NI VeriStand Add-On - Scan Engine and EtherCAT to adress C series modules. Otherwise, custom FPGA definition...


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Sorry I did mistake in the references, my question refers to 9138RT and 9139RT standalone cDAQ...

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Yes it does, but with some caveats. Since the 9138 and 9139 do not support hardware timed single point IO, you must use either waveform input or software timed single point IO. Waveform input works very well. However, software timed IO is jittery and since NI VeriStand reads all inputs and writes all outputs each iteration... if you use a thermocouple module then your entire loop will slow down to that module's very slow rate.

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