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winNT blue screen and memory dump when shutting down a chassis with a VXI-1394 card?

so I have a PII 400, 192MB of RAM, a clean install of winNT 4.0, service pack 6 and version 2.1 of the NI-VXI drivers. We are testing some custom cards in the chassis using some interface software I wrote, the software has been extensively used in the past on several different computers and systems using PCI-MXI-2 interfaces. The chassis we are currently testing on has a VXI-1394(firewire) card. We can boot the PC and start up the chassis just fine, resman executes without error and we can talk to all the cards in the chassis with no problems, but sometimes(more often than not) if we shut down the chassis, winNT will crash with a blue screen of death and a physical me
mory dump. I don't think the software is at fault because we've been using for over a year with zero issues, I think it has something to do with the 1394 interface, but I'm at a loss for a way to explain it, any help anyone could give me would be appreciated, thanks
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Windows NT does not handle power cycles of hardware very well. It is odd, however, that you have seen blue screen with power cycles. There are a couple of things you can try:

1) try running resman and then closing all VXI related applications before powering down the chassis. This will help to "clean" the driver, hopefully preventing the blue screens.
2) Have you loaded NI-VISA 2.5 or any programs that use it (LabVIEW 6, NI-DAQ 6.8, etc.)? If so, you will want to copy the attached file over the one that is on your system, so that your VXI driver will be compatible with it.
3) Make sure that you have loaded the NI-VXI 2.x driver for 1394 and not the one for MXI-2. These are different drivers and will cause problems if you switch them.

I would also like
to throw in that because Windows 2000 has built in support for 1394, any 1394 application will work much better under Windows 2000. In addition, you will be able to use our new NI-VXI 3 driver and all of its utilities with it.

Trey Hamilton
National Instruments
Application Engineer
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