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vxi interrupts


            We are using a MXI-2 link composed of a NI PXI-8320(LA0) and a NI PXI-8320-VME(LA1) boards.


We are using an interrupt(LEV 5) generated on the VME platform to interrupt a process running on the PXI chassis on a

NI PXI-8196.   The interrupt is a software interrupt generated by a Concurrent Technologies VP 101-011 Pentium IV CPU.


The process uses an Visa interrupt handler which sends an event to a thread that processes data sent over the MXI-2 link.

The interrupt seems to install properly and return proper status IDs, etc.


The problem is, when the processes runs for about 20-30 minutes, the driver stops calling the interrupt handler even though

the interrupt is still being generated. 


Test applications running the same interrupt code do not fail as long as data is not read using viIn(n), viOut(n) or similiar

functions.  The size of the data being moved is small.... about 40 bytes each way on the interrupt occurance.  The problem is

100% repeatable.


Once the interrupts fail, power must be shutdown on the PXI cardcage to get the link to recover.

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Since it is a repeatable problem, I would like to see the spy capture inorder  to see after what command it is locking.

Nikhil A.
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