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viMoveOut16 timeout with GPIB-VXI/C

I developed an application on a MXI2 and then tried it using a GPIB-VXI/C. I get a VISA timeout when I execute a viMoveIn16 call. viMoveOut16 seems to work. I verified this with Visa Interactive Control. I am using a PCMCIA-GPIB interface card. Does the GPIB-VXI/C support the viMoveIn16?
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I believe that the viMoveIn16 command is supported by the GPIB-VXI/C. The problem may be how you are addressing the operation. With this command, you pass a device-relative offset in the specified address space rather than the absolute address accepted by the GPIB-VXI/C local command set.

Have you tried using the viIn16 command? This is definitely supported by the GPIB-VXI/C and works very similarly to viMoveIn16.

For your reference, the NI-VISA help file, installed with NI-VISA, has a function reference section with these commands.

If the viIn16 command gives the same timeout error, I'd suggest looking at how you're handling the address. Also verify if viMoveOut16 is writing the data to the expected location.

Andrew A.
Applications Engin
National Instruments
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