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pci-mxi-2 linux kernel driver source code

Is it possible to obtain the source code (perhaps under an NDA) for the binary-only blobs in the Linux kernel driver for the pci-mxi-2 board that is part of ni-vxi for Linux? We have had a number of problems with the driver completely locking up our computer. There was the lack of a pci_enable_device() call, the NULL dereference crashes whenever the vxi_tertiary_handler_internal() function is called, and now we are getting intermittant lockups when accessing our VXI crate. The existing driver is unusable for us, and there appears to be little development effort within NI to maintain it (no updates since 2.1). We would prefer to get the source code for the official driver, so we can do the minimum work required to debug and fix its remaining bugs. However, I was told a while back that some sort of driver development kit was available for the pci-mxi-2 for a fee. Would that kit include source code for the official driver, or enough information to reimplement the kernel module without having to replace the entire software stack (resman, vxiedit, visa, etc.)?
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