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analog input trigger can not be achieved when I

Dear Sir or Madam:
Now, we want to capture an analog signal(shown in Fig.1) from AI channel, by using Trigger function provided by NI-DAQ and VXI-MIO-64XE-10. However, we try several times according to the examples found in CVI. All attempts are failed. So, we are eager to know how to operate that module properly to complete the trigger sampling? Which functions should be adopted, and what��s the right step for trigger sampling?
The second question is: when we use some functions in DAQ library, the following warning shown in debug processing.

// Warning:
// -10444 memFullError
// No more system memory is available on the heap, or no more memory is available on the device, or insufficient disk space is available.

This information is given in CVI when we execute the operation under the following conditions.
Sampling rate: 2000; sampling points: 200.
The memory we add in the module is: 8M. But it is not from your product series. It came from my old 486 PC. Do you think it brings the problems?

In our system, we use Windows98. HP8491B is taken as Slot-0 Controller and HP VISA is used also. Do you think there some compatible problems between different products? What should we do if the problem is that?

The following information maybe useful to you.
1. We use the analog triggering. We need a post-trigger scan from an analog input, so we connect the trigger signal to that analog input channel. According to the description in DAQ help, we put the trigger signal channel in first place in scan list.

2. The signal come from the device under test. It is a Sine wave which is 2Hz and 2Volt.

3. We use the following examples in the CVI: DAQsingleBufExtTrig.prj in ��daq samples��, and ai_async.prj in ��easyio samples��.
When we use these samples, we find warnings listed below:
(1) //-10403 deviceSupportError The specified device does not support the requested action (the driver recognizes the device, but the action is inappropriate for the device).
All Low Level DAQ functions have this problem.
(2) // -10444 memFullError
No more system memory is available on the heap, or no more memory is available on the device, or insufficient disk space is available.
This information is shown when High Level functions in EASY I/O library are used.

4. We can find the On-board Memory in the MAX. And the Test Resource can pass.
What is your method to test the read or write operation from the add memory in the module?

5. NI-VXI provided with the MIO-64XE-10 is Version 2.0. Where can I find the 3.0 Version?

My e-mail: yupeng@0451.com Pager: 191-9795300 Mobile phone: 13009700166
Office phone: 010-68764476

Best Regards!
Peng yu
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Dear Peng,

Here are the things to try. I believe this is a repeat email, so if non of this stuff works let me know your status, but only respond to one of the emails.

Dear Forest,

The first question I have is what is you HP8491B that is your slot 0 controller? Is it an embedded PC, 1394 module, gpib module etc?

As for the memory that you can use in your VXI-MIO-64XE you do need to use a specific kind, and this is specified in the manual. The manual also states what you have to do to properly install it. There are some switches etc that you must set properly. If you don't have the manual, you can download it from our website.

Once the memory is correct you must tell your CVI program to use that memory in addition to setting it up in MAX. The function call that you must make is:


This tells NIDAQ to use the 8M of memory that you have installed on the board instead of using the memory on the controller.

As far as the errors that you were getting, if you are still getting those errors after setting the memory up properly and changing your CVI code to use it. We need to know the exact location i.e. the very specific function call where each individual error occurred. I need more information than just low level daq function call or high level function call. I need the specific names of the functions that cause errors and the exact parameters given to these functions which caused the errors.

It seems that you have set up your scan list properly by putting the trigger level first, but have you actually specified that DAQ use analog triggering, and where you specify analog triggering did you tell it the channel to use there as well. You must do this, it will be in one of your AI setup function calls. I don't support daq so I don't know which one.

Finally I would make sure that you have at least NI-VXI 2.1.1 and NI-DAQ 6.9. I don't know if using HP VISA causes some time of conflict I think that NI-VXI installs our VISA, but if you can see your board in test panels and they pass the resource test it should be okay to talk to them with CVI. Can you do a single shot analog acquisition via the test panels in MAX?

Try these things, and get back to us if things still aren't working or you need more information.

Best Regards,

Amy Hindman
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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