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Why SYSFAIL LED is ON on SBC on some VME slots and not on others?

I am working on a custom VME chassis and there is a SYSFAIL LED on the SBC and on chassis front panel. The SBC pulls the SYSFAIL pin low on some slots turning the SYSFAIL LED ON and on others it does not do that. Does SBC has to be in certain slots? I am just testing the chassis side of the system. I tried a few other SBC with same results. The logic measured without any SBC in the system is high but when SBC is inserted it goes low forever. Any thoughts from VME experts??


Just want to add that there are no other cards in the chassis. The SBC I am using is MVME 2600-2.

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Hi SYSFail,


Unfortunately, we do not directly support this controller.  Have you been able to contact Motorola about the issue.  Is it possible that the power is not available in certain slots that could cause the circuitry to pull down?  What chassis are you using, what software are you using?



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