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What is the driver password for AT-MXI in Win NT

Please! I would like to request for the password for at-mxi-nt.zip.  I have an AT-MXI board here which once ran o Win 95 and I'm upgrading to Win NT.  I know I can't upgrade to much later OS than that so I need the NT drivers.  Sadly, it is password encrypted.  my board's serial is 084560.



Raul Labad
Test Engineer
Teradyne Philippines Limited
(6332) 340-5447 ext 1214
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Hello Raul,


Before I can give you the password, I need to confirm that your serial number is correct. The serial number that you've provided does not match any in our system. Can you please check again for an alpha-numeric serial number? Once I have verified this, we can get you your serial number.



Ryan F

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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