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VXIpc-882 Years Till End Of Life

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I have a system which uses the older VXIpc-772 controller and need to decide whether to move to the VXIpc-882 or rehost onto a different set of hardware that's not VXI/VME based.


When will the 882 controller stop being sold? When will it stop being serviced?

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Accepted by topic author AaronR

Hi Aaron,


While I'm unable to comment on specific product's projected lifecycles, we do have our hardware support policy outlined here: http://www.ni.com/life-cycle/hardware.htm. If you look at the 882 controller's product page, you'll notice the "not recommended for new designs" note. That means the product is in the Mature phase on that chart, although we have not issued a Last Time Buy notice for the 882. So, in the worst case scenario, if we issue the LTB notice for the 882 tomorrow, that means we guarantee service and support for the device for at least 2 years after that point, and then will make the best effort for a few years after that. Of course, we also have Mature products that go without a LTB notice for years, but that's what we can say for sure.


Sorry we can't give a more concrete answer than that, but hopefully that gives you more insight when making the call. 





NI Applications Engr.

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That's very helpful and gives me the information I was looking for.


Thank you for the response!


Regards - Aaron

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A quick follow up. Is this the only VXI based controller available?

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Hey Aaron,


Happy to help, of course. The 882 is the only embedded VXI controller we offer anymore. We do have some remote controller solutions, allowing the system to be controlled via PCI, PXI or Express cards: http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/204586. Note that all of these are similarly not recommended for new designs, just like the 882, so they're all in the same bucket regarding long term outlook. 



NI Applications Engr.

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