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VXIpc 870 replacement of the 128 or 256 MB 144 pin RAM?

I need to replace the RAM in the VXIpc 870 but I am having trouble finding replacements that will be compatible with it.

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Will this type of RAM work in this pc? 128MB (2x64MB) memory 8x64 PC 100 8NS 3.3V SDRAM 144-pin SO DIMM.  The NI manual says it should be 10NS.  How critical is that?


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Hi ndkota,


We can only guarantee that the SO-DIMMs specified in the manual for the VXIpc 870 Series will work, but we cannot promise that any others will. Unfortunately this product has been EOL'd, so we no longer sell these spec'd SO-DIMMs.  


I realize that doesn't give you much to go off, so I was poking around the internet and was able to find the following option, which I think looks pretty close to the original:


Again, that's not an official recommendation but a suggestion as another option to consider!


Ashley G.
Senior Applications Engineer | RF & Wireless Communications
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