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VXI over GPIB on LV 2009 + Windows 7 Help

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Hello.  I have no experience with VXI.


I have a client who hired me to code a VXI product that has been marketed as controlled by GPIB (The Chassis contains a GPIB interface).


I was informed late last night that I must use VXI PnP drivers to make this work.  (Long story, and I am not happy about it).


I am coding LV2009 SP1 on Windows 7.


I have installed NI-VISA and NI-VXI.  I can see the GPIB instrument in MAX.  I can even run the SCPI commands via Max and LabVIEW.  (The problem is that they apparently have not implemented the specific GPIB commands that they published).


They provided a VXI-PNP driver and very vague instructions.  I have installed that driver and I imported their .fp file into LabVIEW.  When I run their init code with the correct GPIB resource passed into the function, I get the same error as when I call a non-existent GPIB device- although it takes longer to return.


I looked for VXI tutorials on the NI site, and there is a LOT of stuff to wade through, and I am not even sure that I have all the necessary drivers.


Anyone know a good place to start reading up?


(And yes, I am dogging the instrument people to help me out too)



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Hi Jed,


From our conversation with your service request, I wanted to link the documents to this post for assistance with future issues.


Why Doesn't My GPIB-VXI System Show up Properly in MAX?

Getting Started with the GPIB-VXI/C


Configuring T&M Explorer to Use the GPIB-VXI at a Different GPIB Address?

*NOTE: T&M Explorer is the predecessor to MAX



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Thank you for the response.  The install info from the vendor was pretty poor.  I ended up getting them on the phone after three days and all I had to do was change the Resource string.  Their documentation had an incorrect example.

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