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VXI block transfer address increments on FIFO access

When performing a block transfer (VISA Move In 32) in A24 with property 'Src Access Priv' set to 'Block/NonPrivaleged' (so address modifier 0x3B). The VME address lines are incremented. During one call to 'VISA Move In 32' the total transfer performed on the bus is serperated in many block transfers. The first address of any block transfer is correct and during the transfer the address is also incremented correctly.
When also property 'Src increment' is set to 0 (no address increment for FIFO access) the VME address is still incremented. This results in a incorrect access with the second and following block transfers during one call of VISA Move In 32.
The address is not incremented with 'Src increment' is set to 0 and 'Src Access Priv' set to 'Data/NonPrivaleged', which are alot of single accesses. But the combination of the block transfer and the 'Src increment' is set to 0 does not work on a FIFO.
What is going wrong?
Using LabVIEW 7.1 and VISA 4.3 connected to VME using a MXI-2
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