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VXI Resource Manager fails on VXIpc-870

On our VXIpc-870 controller, booting or running RESMAN results in the message
VXI Resource Manager failed due to the following error:
Unable to initialise NI-VXI driver.
Unable to open NI-VXI driver window.
The system has been working fine, and no changes have been made to the configuration. We are assuming that this is due to some form of hardware failure, however any assistance with troubleshooting would be appreciated.
We have no other cards in the rack apart from the controller, and are working with an Administrator login. System is running NT4.
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I should have added, it failed after trying to run NI-SPY while an instrument panel was open. NI-SPY complained it couldn't install some drivers, then I couldn't connect at all.
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Hello Beran,

   I was wondering if you have tried re-installing the NI VXI drivers as this does appear to be a driver related issue. I believe that version 3.3 of the drivers are the latest drivers that support Windows NT. They can be dowbnloaded from our website here:


What version of the drivers are you currently running? Did this start happening after the first time you ran NI-SPY or do you have to run NI-SPY every time to re-create this issue?

Does the error message have an error code at all?  If you could try re-installing the drivers and providing some answers to these questions then we can look into this further for you.

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