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VXI MXI-2 transfert rate

i'm using some VXI Racks for data acquisition with the signalCalc software from dataphysics.
The VXI rack is connected to a computer by an MXI-2 wire (with an MXI-2/PCI Card). The VXI Rack is composed of an MXI-2 card, several acquisition card and one SCSI hard drive.
During acquisition, i made the recording on the VXI SCSI HD. So i have to repatriate data from the VXI HD to the computer at the end of the acquisition.
My problem is that the transfert rate is around 0.500 Mb/s. That is strange is if i click continously with the computer mouse, the transfert rate raise. If i stop clicking, it decrease...
Do someone know how it is possible and how can i correct this matter?
I'm running windows XP sp2 with the 3.3 NI driver.
ps : On windows 2K computer the transfert rate is arround 1Mb/s.
Thanks and regards from france.
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Hello Cyrille,

After some investigations, there is no known issue with this type of configuration.

The transfer rate seems to be low because this hardware is capable of upper data transfers.

Another think, what do you mean by "That is strange is if i click continously with the computer mouse, the transfert rate raise.", do I understand that's you are using the mouse in another  program or you are coercing something your application.


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I know it's very strange,

We record the data directly on an VXI harddisk, and after that software ask if we want to copy the data of the local bus (vxi hd) on the computer. We accept and an transfert window appears.

During the data download the transfert rate decrease continuisly until very low rate. If we click on the screen the transfert rate raise. We have inform the Dataphysics company about that and they not believe us. So we have made a short film showing that strange phenomena.

We have note one thing, when we click during the tranfert rate the green led of the VXI SCSI HD wink ...

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